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Welcome to the Large Scale Integration Museum!

Large Scale Integration, or LSI, refers to the earliest semiconductor chips, also known as integrated circuits, to contain thousands rather than hundreds or dozens of individual logic gates.  Integrating thousands, and later millions of gates into single chips was crucial to the desktop computer revolution of the 1970’s and 1980’s, and remains crucial to modern computer and mobile technology today.

The Large Scale Integration Museum is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and exhibition of systems highlighting the technology revolution launched by LSI.  Examples on display range from the earliest hobbyist systems sold in kit form, through the launch of the first truly out of the box usable home computers in the form of the Commodore PET, Apple ][, and TRS-80, called by Byte magazine the “1977 Trinity”, and beyond.  The goal of LSIM is to provide an educational experience for those who weren’t around yet to experience the early days of the PC revolution, and maybe bring back a few memories for those who were.

We are currently putting the final tweaks on both the physical display space in New Kensington, PA, and this website, so please pardon the lack of exhibits and background information, they are coming soon.  Check the news section for additional updates.