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Apple 1

Apple Computer 1, also known later as the Apple I, or Apple-1, is a desktop computer released by the Apple Computer Company (now Apple Inc.) in 1976. It was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. Wozniak’s friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. The Apple I was Apple’s first product, and to finance its creation, Jobs sold his VW Microbus for a few hundred dollars, and Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator for $500.

ManufacturerApple Computer CompanyCPUMOS 6502 @ 1MHz
Year Introduced1976RAM4-8KB
Introductory Price$666.66StorageAudio Cassette (optional - external)
Number SoldApprox. 200

The Apple-1 on display here is a replica, built from a reproduction PCB.  Original Apple-1’s are rare, and typically sell at auction for six figure sums.

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