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Apple ///+

The Apple ///+ was released in December 1983 at a price of US$2995. This newer version of the Apple /// included a built-in clock, video interlacing, standardized rear port connectors, 55-watt power supply, 256 KiB RAM as standard, and a redesigned, IIe-like keyboard.  Apple discontinued the Apple III series on 24 April 1984, just four months after introducing the III Plus, after selling 65-75,000 computers and replacing 14,000 defective units.

ManufacturerApple Computer CompanyCPUMOS 6502 @ 1MHz
Year Introduced1983RAM256KB
Introductory Price$2,995

Owners of the Apple III could purchase individual III Plus upgrades, like the clock and interlacing feature, and obtain the newer logic board as a service replacement. A keyboard upgrade kit, dubbed “Apple III Plus upgrade kit” was also made available – which included the keyboard, cover, keyboard encoder ROM and logo replacements. This upgrade had to be installed by an authorized service technician.

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