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Macintosh Portable

The Macintosh Portable is Apple Inc.’s first battery-powered portable Macintosh personal computer. Released on September 20, 1989, it was received with excitement from most critics but consumer sales were quite low. It featured a fast, sharp, and expensive black and white active matrix LCD screen in a hinged design that covered the keyboard when the machine was not in use.

ManufacturerApple Computer CompanyCPU16 MHz 68000 CPU
Year Introduced1989RAM1 MB SRAM(expandable to 9 MB), 256 KB ROM
Introductory Price$7,300 Storage1.4 MB double-sided floppy drive, 40 MB 3.5″ Connor hard drive

The Portable was one of the early consumer laptops to employ an active matrix panel, and only the most expensive of the initial PowerBook line, the PowerBook 170, used one, due to the high cost. The cursor pointing function was handled by a built-in trackball that could be removed and located on either side of the keyboard. It used expensive SRAM in an effort to maximize battery life and to provide an “instant on” low power sleep mode. The machine was designed to be high-performance, at the cost of price and weight.

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