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Commodore VIC-20

The VIC-20 was the first inexpensive color computer available, costing less than $300. was intended to be more economical than the PET computer. It was equipped with 5 KB of static RAM and used the same MOS 6502 CPU as the PET. ┬áIt can only display 22 characters of text per line, so its use for business applications is minimal, but people loved it for games – it has good color, a joystick port, and it was cheap.

The VIC-20 is also the first computer ever to sell over 1 million units, just a few months ahead of the Apple II 1 million mark, and production of the VIC-20 was up to 9000 units a day, with sales reaching $305 million. The price of a VIC-20 eventually dropped to less than $100, the first color computer to do so.

ManufacturerCommodore InternationalCPUMOS Technology 6502 @ 1.1 MHz
Year Introduced1981RAM5KB (3.5KB for BASIC, expandable via cartridge to 32KB)
Introductory Price$299.95Storage (external)Cassette
5.25" Floppy Disk (170KB, with external 1540 disk drive)

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