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TRS-80 Model 4D

The TRS‑80 Model 4D was Radio Shack’s final entry in the line of TRS‑80 computers that began in 1977 with the Model I. Many people consider it to be the best TRS‑80 and one of the finest 8-bit computers ever produced.

Introduced in late 1985 at a price of $1199.00, the Model 4D was completely compatible with the Model 4 that it replaced and the wide range of Model 4 and Model III hardware and software. Unlike previous TRS‑80 computers, the Model 4D was branded by Tandy (the parent company of Radio Shack) rather than Radio Shack itself. The full name was the “Tandy TRS‑80 Model 4D Microcomputer System.” Also unlike previous models, there was no cassette version of the Model 4D and it doesn’t appear that it was ever sold outside of the United States and Canada.

ManufacturerTandy / Radio ShackCPUZilog Z80 @ 4 MHz
Year Introduced1985RAM64KB
Introductory Price$1,199Storage5.25" floppy disks (360KB)

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